Start playing in casino for (LTC) Litecoin

Our fair casino keeps up to date and recently several additional payment making methods were added. Today we are going to discuss one of these options in detail: (LTC) Litecoin.

(LTC) Litecoin

LTC overview

Litecoin is a P2P cryptocurrency which is a fork of Bitcoin, i.e. Base code of Bitcoin was modified when Litecoin were created. Just as Bitcoin, Litecoin uses the rule of a p2p network which is described by the absence of an administrative center, which makes it useless to regulate the rate by the central bank.

LTC can also be collected by yourself. On the other hand, number of LTC miners increases day by day due to the fact that this cryptocurrency is very popular. So, many people select to organize mining pools to rise the likelihood of getting the LTC. The award is divided fairly between the members of the pool.

In addition to these, there are a lot of of faucets which give away Litecoins to everyone in return for surfing through sites with advertising.

Differences between LTC and BTC

Despite the likeness to Bitcoins, LTC has some special features. For example, in terms of the transaction. The complication of calculating LTC is optimized so that one block can be found within two and a half minutes. It is 4 times faster than the same operation in the Bitcoin blockchain. This feature makes it easier to verify the transaction.

One more benefit of (LTC) Litecoin is that you're able to generate 84 million of LTC in total which is four times bigger than the entire number of BTC.

Play in our gambling casino for real money for (LTC) Litecoin

Just as Bitcoin, Litecoin is ideal for start playing in the mobile friendly casino for true money because of great anonymity. The unique crypto techniques are used to defend the system. So you can start playing for (LTC) Litecoin even if games of chance are prohibited in your country.

To deposit in Litecoin in internet casino with a minimum deposit $0.01 you should:

  • Be a registered gambler in our mobile friendly casino and be logged in when you deposit;
  • Proceed to the Finance section and choose LTC from the listed payment methods of mobile friendly casino with a minimum deposit 0.01 US dollar;
  • Specify the amount of deposit (it should not be less than 0.01 USD);
  • Ask for fullfilling your account.

As soon as the money transaction is completely confirmed, Litecoin will be credited to your balance.

Bet on any game of chance in our internet casino for real money and win real cash! Winnings in (LTC) Litecoin can be exchanged for fiat money or other online currencies. Use only reliable online exchangers for trading.